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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What content does the Beauty Boss Lash Academy training course cover?

    Beauty Boss Lash Academy trainings are both practical and hands-on. Students will learn in extensive detail everything to know about eyelash extensions. Each class will come with a Beauty Boss Lash Kit included in the course cost. Beauty Boss Lash Academy Courses are one full day 10am-6pm. A model will be needed for each class.


    Course Content

    1. About Eyelash Extensions

    2. Health and safety, precautions and potential reactions

    3. Products and Tools

    4. Sterile work area preparation, hygiene

    5. Briefing clients

    6. Determining good and bad candidates for eyelash extensions

    7. Gel patch/tape application

    8. Application of eyelash extensions

    9. After Care

    10. Removal of eyelash extensions

    11. FAQs

    12. Kit Contents

    13. Success plan and marketing

    14. Certification


    What are eyelash extensions?

    Semi-permanent, synthetic mink extensions are individually glued onto each natural lash using a special formulated medical grade adhesive. Mink eyelashes are applied to your own natural lashes to achieve a beautifully full look.


    How long will they last?

    Varies by person, but by properly following care instructions your new lashes will last as long as your own natural eyelashes. Naturally, your lashes will shed individually over the course of 2-3 months, until all of your lashes have replaced themselves with newly grown ones. There are between 90-120 natural lashes per upper eyelid. Each eye will shed about 2-3 lashes a day. This means on average you will lose an average of 21 lashes a week. To maintain a full look, lash fills our recommended every 3 weeks.


    How thick will they make my lashes?

    Depending on the look, lash extensions will thicken the look of your own lashes by 30-50%. In comparison to false eyelash strips, lash extensions look and feel more natural.


    How do I maintain my lashes?

    Lash fills should be done no later than every 3 weeks to maintain your look. Avoid oils and oil based products around the eyes. These can weaken the bond of the extensions to your own lashes and cause premature lash loss. Lastly keep your lashes clean! Remove any natural skin oil and makeup residue and extend the life of your lashes.


    How soon before a vacation/event should I have them done?

    The adhesive used to apply the extensions requires 1-2 days to fully cure. As such, we suggest getting your lashes done 2 to 3 days before the event or vacation.


    Can I use mascara on my eyelash extensions?

    Mascara will completely ruin the look of eyelash extensions. Furthermore, it will be almost impossible to remove without causing premature lash extension loss. Do not use mascara or lash curlers, as both will reduce your retention.


    Can I wear eyeliner?

    Yes, but avoid using petroleum-based products that are waxy or creamy. You may even find that you won’t even need liner at all. Remember to remove any liner with a product that doesn’t contain oil of any kind as this will affect the glue.


    How do I clean my lashes?

    Proper aftercare is essential in maintaining a healthy and beautiful set of lashes. For the first 24 hours following the application, avoid exposure to water, heat, or steam. Afterwards, cleanse lashes weekly using professional lash shampoo (or diluted baby shampoo that is oil-free). Avoid all oil-based cleansing products as they break down the adhesive bond.


    Will the eyelash extensions damage my natural lashes, like pull my own eyelashes off?

    No. Properly applied lash extensions will grow out with your own eyelashes natural cycle. They should fall out with the natural lash still attached. You can expect to shed between 1 to 3 lashes per day. 


    Can I swim with my eyelash extensions?

    Yes. However, it is best to avoid being underwater for prolonged periods of time as chlorine and salt water can potentially affect your retention. Remember to wait until the lashes have had time to cure before exposing them to water, and never rub the lashes.

    How long does it take to apply extensions?

    Typically, a full set of extensions will take between 2-2.5 hours to complete, depending on each client's natural lashes. Fills typically take about 1-1.5 hours. 

    What is the adhesives made of?

    All quality lash adhesives contain 2 main ingredients: cyanoacrylate and carbon black. In very rare cases, people may develop allergies or sensitivities to the adhesive. If this happens, take an anti-allergen and have the lashes removed.


    Should I be careful who applies my eyelash extensions and should they be trained?

    Yes. It is very important to chose an eyelash technician who has been properly trained and can show you a copy of their certification. We recommend doing your due diligence by researching thoroughly and asking many questions before getting your lashes done.


    Why should I get eyelash extensions?

    • Reduce the amount of time spent getting ready in the morning and removing makeup at night

    • Add drama but look more natural than strip lashes

    • Add length, curl, thickness, and shape to your natural lashes

    • More voluminous compared to wearing mascara

    • Eliminates fallout from mascara, preventing "raccoon eyes"

    • Your eyes will appear larger and brighter, even without makeup

    • Perfect for people on the go

    • Great for easy routine on vacations or for attending special events like weddings

    • Create shape, volume, length, and curl not achievable with mascara and lash curlers